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Welcome to Revel ZooóA Playground for Pets

Here at Revel Zoo, we know that sometimes our homes can feel more like zoos than houses, especially when cat toys and dog bowls and chew bones end up underfoot. As much as we love our pets, the minute you find yourself hiding on a chair brandishing a broom at catnip mouse, itís time to reconsider if maybe you donít want your human habitat too. Thatís why we design playful, attractive pet furniture and toys with both pets and their human hosts in mind. We take our cues from sculpture and architecture to create cat trees and dog toys and pet accessories that your pets will love and will still look nice sitting in your house or yard. No more dragging carpet-covered cat trees into the closet whenever the doorbell rings. Find the perfect design to work with your décor and keep your pet happy and your zoo all yours.

Great to meet you,
Revel Zoo Staff and Zookeepers

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