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Meet Our Zookeepers

Meet Leo Leo "Cat-pin" Coone: Hello. I'm Leo. Owner calls me King Leo, 'cause I'm the boss around here. Everyone snaps in line when I come down the stairs, even the dogs. Why wouldn't they? I'm a Maine coon and my daddy was a champion show cat, so that's gotta make me at least a prince. Look at my tail, of course they know I should be in charge. I like to sit at the top my cat tower and watch over my kingdom. You gotta keep the peeps in line. You never know when one of the dogs will tryto get their dog breath all over my food bowls—droolers. —Read Leo's story
Meet JoJo JoJo "Legs" Dobe: Hi! I'm JoJo. I'm a 1-year-old doberman pincher. I might look scary, but underneath my big girl bark, I'm just really happy to meet you. The world is a big confusing place, and I've got a lot of stuff to figure out, like birds. They can fly. I hope when I grow up I will finally be able to jump high enough to catch up to one and ask them how they fly. I'm getting really good at jumping: it's my favorite thing in the whole world. I have an obstacle course for practice on the bushes in the front yard and I work hard on it every day, so I hope to find out real soon. Until then, I'm gonna stick with interrogating the squirrels, I bet it's easier to climb trees than it is to fly. —Read JoJo's story
Meet Kaihoe Kaihoe "Kitty" Mutterson: Am I next? Hi, I'm Kaihoe. My name means "paddler"—owners were hoping I'd like water. But the German shepherd, doberman, and something tiny in this rescue mutt mix is having nothing of it. JoJo likes to tease me that I'm more of a cat than a dog. Because cats don't like water and stuff, get it? It doesn't help when the owners put me on the cat trees to make sure they can hold even the grandest of cats. Come on, guys, I weigh almost 45 pounds. This entrepreneurship thing really eats into your self-esteem. —Read Kaihoe's story
Meet Wiley Wiley "Old Man" Tabby: Hi. I'm Wiley. I'm a 10-year-old rescue kitten, please don't ask me how old that is in "cat years." All the young 'uns are always running around, being crazy, chasing their tails. I like to find myself a nice cozy place to curl up and watch the doings. What's it to them if a good cat nap is my favorite pastime? I've earned it. I'm all about the good things in life, and a nice bed, a good scratch, and great view out the window is what I've worked so hard for. —Read Wiley's story